Elliot Gillström, aka Flord King, only started producing music not too long ago but you wouldn’t be able to tell. His passion for music dates back to his childhood days playing the guitar and performing in big band jazz constellations. When he discovered the electronic side of music he, together with buddies Stellan and Adam, lit up summer nights in Stockholm with their Red Balloon parties. Elliot now resides in Amsterdam where he has moved on to produce and release music. His debut EP “From East to West” on Junk Yard Connections has been receiving rave reviews from all over the place and with upcoming ep’s on Lyssna and other labels, we are sure he will continue his rise to prominence in a rocket like pace.



Junk Yard Connections:
“Two tracks from Gothenburg Iishivu and debut Stockholmer Flord King. Deep cuts from nordic scandinavia. Limited supplies as usual!”