Swedish born DJ and Producer Adam Stromstedt has been turning heads in Scandinavia and beyond since 2007 from the launch of the Red Balloon summer parties in Stockholm and more recently his strongly growing affiliation with Junk Yard Connections and Banoffee Pies Records and later on as co-founder of Lyssna Records. An eclectic talent who’s selection credits his personality. His interests in the broader range of minimal and cosmic techno have pushed his career in many directions, a further tribute to the diversity in his productions. After some time in Berlin, he moved to Sydney, where he continues producing and djing with trips between to his Stockholm base. Adam has released EPs and tracks on Lyssna records and Junk Yard Connections as well as British labels Crow Castle Cuts and Banoffee Pies Records. On his latest release for Lyssna, LYR002, Adam shares a split EP with good friend and fellow Swede Flord King. LYR002 will be out shortly but has already gained critical acclaim and received support from major DJs and producers.




Adam has received support and praise from artists such as Axel Boman, Matthew Herbert, Cabanne, Truncate, Tom Trago, Scuba, Detroit Swindle and Norman Nodge just to name a few. His music also frequently features in podcasts and on various National and online radio shows and channels.


“Bonkers – amazing production”
Luke Solomon
worldwide /

“Superb release, been waiting eagerly for this ever
since I heard Art Alfie play Drum Off and it sure was worth the wait. Can’t wait to get my hands on the wax and play it until it’s worn out… and then do the same again.”
Local Talk Records

“Drum Off is dope! Thanks! 4/5”
The Revenge

“great music will play it for sure !”

“Super cool 3 tracker — Will play a lot”
Laurent Garnier
DJ everywhere – & PBB online Radio

“Drum off! 4/5!!”
Robag Wruhme
Jena Innenstadt

“superduper release! big ups!!! drum off is such a killer tune, ive been playing it loads already to massive reactions! <3 /xL”
Axel Boman
Pampa / Studio Barnhus

 Really solid ep! Drum off is the one!
Banoffee Pies coming through with the goods again!”
Harry & John

“Killer Release!!”
Borrowed Identity
Quintessentials / Mistress Recordings

“Sounds Good!!! Thanks!!! 5/5!!!”
Danny Tenaglia

“Nice release! 4/5”
Rekids / The Double R


“Perfect vibe. Nice release! TT”
Tom Trago

“Super tracks! Thanks for the music!”
Diynamic / Get Physical
Third Ear Resopal
Redlight Music Radioshow

“Reflextioner is boss.”
The Revenge

“Very cool tracks!”
Los Angeles

“Amazing!!! I love this! and i’m not just saying this because i really like these guys, personally, but because this is pure gold! Thanks a lot”
Axel Boman
Studio Barnhus / Pampa Records


Stamp The Wax:
“Beginning with ‘Drum Off’, we’re immediately woken up by a hearty kick and slightly off-kilter percussion. As the track builds, so does the tension, with playful sections of live sampled drumming. The short spoken vocal explains the name of the track, with a subtle piano melody gorgeously bringing it all together. The track is the perfect synthesis of Adam Strömstedt and Art Alfie‘s production styles, the former bringing the syncopated, tinkling percussion, the latter drawing on his darker, melodious sound to form a cohesive, club-centric piece.”

“Bristol imprint Banoffee Pies comes at us with their third release. This time they’ve handed the reigns to Swedes and Junk Yard Connections alumni Adam Stromstedt & Art Alfie. They give us the deep and soothing “Drum Off” and like the name might suggests: there are some pretty crazy drums going off in there. Jaffa Surfa’s (aka Zoltan Pal/Zee) “Souled Out” is early noughties style filtered disco house; always a worthy addition. While on the flip we’ve got “KO Bad (Hansel Edit)” a bit of dusty, smoked out, hip-hop inspired deep house that fans of Glenn Astro and Max Graef will well dig!”

“Alan Delius and Adam Strömstedt, of Stockholm’s Junk Yard Connections crew, drop this fabulously generous five-tracker for Banofee Pies, only the label’s second release. It’s as house music should be; blazingly funky, achingly soulful, slightly twisted and eminently danceable. ‘When We’ pulses with a twisted piano, ‘Scuze Me’ plumbs Brandy’s R&B benchmark ‘The Boy Is Mine’ for inspiration and ‘Reflektioner 17.19’ ups the BPMs and bass. Meanwhile, ‘The Third Bass’ breaks up the beats and embraces oddball hip house, and ‘Joe Doesn’t Pass’ shoots you with a tranquilizer dart.”

Deep House Amsterdam:
“Banoffee Pies present their second limited press white label release following the successful cosmic disco-infused debut BP01. This time, BP02 takes a whole new angle, further complimenting the open-minded, anything-goes approach the guys at Banoffee have adopted for their imprint. This VA hosts two talented Stockholm-born artists and proud members of the Junk Yard Connections crew, Adam Stromstedt and Alan Delius.”